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I’m LA Mills!
Welcome to my Website, Message me if you need any help!

For over 30 years I have been in the spa & wellness industry, primarily using the Biofeedback system as my passion for 26 years, recently we have introduced the Cryotherapy system from Paris to our service after diligently researching the effect of Biofeedback and Cryotherapy. We have paired these two devices together to create the ultimate luxurious service unseen anywhere else in the world. I invite you to take a look at my new website to introduce you to our amazing systems. 

-💙LA (LeeAnn) Mills

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Benefits of Biofeedback


For People

Due to its ability to wick stress off the body, biofeedback can help with a variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression, injuries and more. 


For Horses

For horses, biofeedback is like a “horse whisperer” in a box, sending harmonic sensations and balancing frequencies to help support their well-being.

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For Animals

Biofeedback can help  relieve the stress or imbalance your animal is experiencing, such as pain, inflammation, poor digestion, and much more.

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For Beauty

The anti-aging frequencies of biofeedback can provide visible support for many areas related to inner and outer beauty, and being forever young.

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Our Systems

The Professional Biofeedback System paired with the Cryo Therapy System has shown to have amazing all natural benefits. While both are absolutely revolutionary on their own, together they create undeniable results.

The Cryo system which has many different modes to adapt to your needs. Slimming, Toning, Face & Neck Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast Lift, Pain Relief, and Massage! all using a mixture of extreme hot and cold temperatures and special sculpting techniques to give you the results you desire!

The Biofeedback system has so many different uses, primarily working to remove the stressors from your body. The way we use them paired together is using the biofeedback to help stimulate the lymphatic system to help boost and enhance the results you get from the Cryo sessions. as well as an anti-aging boost and face lift option. 


Check out our page to see more in-depth information!  

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